Photo Contest

Past Photo Submissions

Would you like to see contributed photos and cover submissions from past Ray Allen customers? Visit our Police and Military Photo Gallery at to see an archive of images submitted previously.

Enter Your Dog in This Year's Photo Contest!

Send us a photo of your K9 using a product sold by Ray Allen Manufacturing, and we just might include them in our next printed or online publication!

1st prize - $100 Ray Allen gift certificate
2nd prize - $50 gift certificate
3rd prize - $25 gift certificate.

Entry deadline: Photos must be received by December 21, 2019 (with winners announced in our 2020 Catalog). Photo prints or digital files are accepted.
Send photos by mail to: Ray Allen Manufacturing, Marketing Dept/Photo Contest, 975 Ford Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
or send digital JPG photos to: You may also upload photos through our K9Handler Digital Uploader located at the bottom of our Gallery Page. Digital photos MUST be taken at the highest-quality setting your camera has.

We use the following criteria when judging photos:

  • PHOTO QUALITY: Is the photo in focus or blurry? Did you pay attention to lighting, color, contrast, etc?
  • VISUAL INTEREST: Is the photo creative or does it capture an interesting moment in time? Is it composed well?
  • K9 TRAINING: Does the photo demonstrate a high level of training? NOTE: This is not required for photos of dogs at play.
  • PRODUCT DEPICTION: Is your dog using a Ray Allen Manufacturing product in a positive, appealing manner?


When submitting photos, include your name and address, your dog’s name and breed, and the Ray Allen Manufacturing product(s) used in the photos. By submitting a photo, you are giving us your permission to use your dog’s photo in our publications, websites and in social media. Thank you!