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The K9 Guild


Get 500 points when you activate your account! Plus earn another 500 points when you join our newsletter!

Earn 10 points for every $1 you spend. Earn even more points for leaving product reviews, social activities, and more!

Redeem your points for great discounts up to 20% off on future orders, or even free gear for you and your K9 partner!


Spend more, earn faster, save BIGGER!
Become a VIP and multiply every point you earn!


Lifetime Spend:




Lifetime Spend:


1,000 points


Lifetime Spend:


2,500 points


Find answers to our most common K9 Guild questions.
Have more questions? Give us a call at 1-800-444-0404 or send a message.

What is the K9 Guild?

The K9 Guild is the name for our rewards program. We introduced the K9 Guild early in 2021 to show our love and appreciation for you and your K9 partner!

How do I participate?

Who can join?

  • Nearly anybody! That’s right, businesses, trainers, handlers, organizations, non-profits, dog owners, and even international customers can all take advantage of the K9 Guild.
  • There are some limitations for international customers and members of our Pro Trainer program.
  • B2B accounts are not eligible to participate in the K9 Guild.

How does the K9 Guild work?

  • Join the K9 Guild
    • If you already have a Ray Allen Manufacturing account, you are a member of the K9 Guild.
    • If you would like to create an account, register now!
  • Earn K9 Guild points
  • Make purchases to “level up” and earn K9 Guild points at a higher rate.
  • Look out for exclusive ways to earn.
  • Save up your K9 Guild points for rewards you want!
  • Redeem a reward, and receive a unique coupon code.
    • Upon redemption, there will be a “apply to cart” prompt.
    • This is NOT a gift certificate code.
    • You will also receive an email containing your unique coupon code associated with the reward you redeemed.
  • Add any applicable product (if the reward is for a product), to your cart.
  • Apply your unique coupon code at checkout, in the “coupon code” section.
    • Upon redeeming a product reward, you will be prompted to “apply” the unique coupon code, with a link to the product.
    • Your discount and / or savings will be reflected on the invoice and in your total at checkout.

Are there any restrictions for the K9 Guild?

  • Some rewards may not be valid for specific customers.
    • Discount rewards cannot be “stacked”
    • Discount rewards cannot be used in conjunction with customer accounts that have a built-in discount (B2B accounts, and Pro Trainer members).
    • Free shipping rewards are not valid on oversized shipments, orders being shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, or when shipping to an international address.
  • Visit our promo restrictions page for more details on rewards and coupon code limitations.
  • We reserve the right to adjust and create additional restrictions and/or limitations to the K9 Guild at any time.

Can I view my K9 Guild account information, my K9 Guild points balance, and rewards that I redeemed?

There are two ways to view your K9 Guild account details, that include points balance, what tier you are currently in, what rewards are available to redeem, and what rewards / coupon code(s) you have unlocked.

Why don’t I see the K9 Guild widget?

  • The widget is not visible on every browser, due to the user’s browser security and / or settings.
  • The widget is not visible on every device, due to the user’s device settings.

What are K9 Guild points?

K9 Guild points can be redeemed for rewards that include, but are not limited to - discounts, free shipping*, and useful gear for you and your best friend! K9 Guild points have no cash value.

Are K9 Guild points only earned by making a purchase?

No. We actually offer a number of ways for customers to earn points, and are always looking for new and creative ways for you to earn even more!

How can I earn K9 Guild points?

How often can I earn “FREE” K9 Guild points?

Many activities can only be completed once. However, there is no limit to the number of unique product reviews, photos and/or videos that you may submit.

Note: K9 Guild points are not added for reviews left directly on product pages. Multiple reviews of the same product, or for any photos and/or videos that are alike will be prohibited from receiving additional points.

How can I earn K9 Guild points faster? Like a VIP?

  • K9 Guild points are earned at a rate based upon what customer tier you qualify as.
    • Apprentice - every customer starts off at the Apprentice level, earning 10 K9 Guild points for every $1 you spend (pre-tax subtotal).
    • Journeyman - once you have spent $500+ after joining the K9 Guild, you will receive 1,000 bonus K9 Guild points for “leveling up”, along with earning 15 K9 Guild points for every $1 you spend (pre-tax subtotal).
    • Master - for customers that spend $1,000+ in their K9 Guild account lifetime, a 2,500 K9 Guild points bonus will be added to your account for “leveling up”, along with earning 20 K9 Guild points for every $1 you spend (pre-tax subtotal).

Is there a limit to how many K9 Guild points I can earn?

  • There is no limit to the amount of K9 Guild points that one can earn.
    • No limit in a single visit.
    • No limit in a lifetime, however Ray Allen Manufacturing reserves the right to discontinue the K9 Guild at any time.

Do K9 Guild points expire?

K9 Guild points never expire, however they have no cash value and Ray Allen Manufacturing reserves the right to discontinue the K9 Guild at any time, voiding all K9 Guild point balances.

How long does it take recieve my K9 Guild points?

  • For the most part, K9 Guild points are applied immediately, through automated actions.
  • Some circumstances require us to manually add K9 Guild points to an account.
    • For these instances, please allow up to 72 hours for your account to reflect your new balance.

Why are my K9 Guild points not showing up?

  • From a purchase?
    • If the purchase was completed as a “Guest” during checkout, your K9 Guild points may have to be added manually. Please contact us for help.
  • From an action I took?
    • Please allow up to 72 hours for your account to accurately reflect your K9 Guild points balance.

How do I redeem my K9 Guild points?

  • When you have accumulated enough K9 Guild points for a desired reward, there will be a visible option to “redeem" the reward.
  • From the redeem K9 Guild points section of the K9 Guild page, you will find the rewards for which you meet the points total, to redeem.
  • You can also view the redeemable rewards within the BFC widget.

What can my K9 Guild points be redeemed for?

Aside from the various rewards that we currently offer, at times you may be offered to redeem raffle tickets to participate in exclusive campaigns and / or competitions.

  • For such campaigns, raffle tickets may be acquired through use of K9 Guild points.

Once I redeem a reward, will the unique coupon code be added or applied to my cart?

  • Not automatically. By redeeming a reward, our system generates a unique coupon code that must be applied to the coupon code section of the checkout process.
  • However, upon redeeming a reward a pop-up window will prompt you to “apply” your unique coupon code to the cart, eliminating any need to locate your coupon code.

Where can I find my unique reward or discount code?

Any of your unused rewards (or unique coupon codes) can be found in two places.

  • Within the main menu of the BFC widget, under “Your Rewards”.
  • Anytime you redeem a reward, we send you an email containing the unique coupon code associated with the reward you redeemed.

Can I get my K9 Guild points back from unused or accidental reward redemptions?

  • Yes, please contact customer support via our chat widget, email, or phone, for assistance with voiding unused rewards and refunding K9 Guild points.
    • Please allow up to 48 hours for our team to adjust your points balance.
  • Customers that redeem a product reward that cannot be fulfilled by Ray Allen Manufacturing are entitled to have their points refunded to their K9 Guild account.
    • Please contact us to request your points refund.
  • Regarding accidental redemption(s), it is the customer’s responsibility to contact us and request a points refund.
  • K9 Guild points used to redeem anything other than a reward - i.e. raffle ticket(s), a competition, are final and prohibited from any refund.

What rewards are offered?

  • We currently offer six rewards options.
    • Five static rewards
      • Free* T-Shirt (standard shipping fees apply)
      • Free* Shipping (covers standard ground shipping)
      • 10% Discount Code
      • 15% Discount Code
      • 20% Discount Code
    • One rotating product reward
  • Additional rewards may be added at our discretion.

Do the rewards ever change?

  • Yes! We actually offer a rotating product reward. This reward can be, but is not limited to, training equipment, various working dog gear, dog toys, or other useful products.
    • Our rotating product reward changes every month, within the first week of a given month.
  • Throughout the year we may offer unique and / or limited rewards that are exclusive to unique audiences.
  • We are always looking to offer practical and creative rewards to our wide range of valued customers.
  • Ray Allen Manufacturing reserves the right to change, add, remove, or discontinue a reward, at any time.

Are there any reward restrictions?

  • Yes.
  • Any / all product rewards may be limited to inventory on hand.
    • We may or may not offer an alternative if inventory levels reach zero.
    • Customers that redeem a product reward that cannot be fulfilled by Ray Allen Manufacturing are entitled to have their K9 Guild points refunded.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can redeem a specific reward.
    • However, only one unique coupon code (reward) can be applied per order.

Can I earn points for referrals?

Yes! We reward and encourage it!

How does the referral process work?

  • Every K9 Guild member is assigned a unique referral URL that can be shared with friends, family, or other industry professionals that are NOT current members of the K9 Guild (all Ray Allen Manufacturing customers have a K9 Guild account).
  • Requirements to fulfill a referral:
    • Share your unique referral URL with others, through:
      • Social media
      • Email
      • Text
    • The referred customer must then:
      • Follow the shared unique URL.
      • Provide a valid / non customer email address* when prompted, within the K9 Guild widget. (*a K9 Guild account will be created).
      • Check their email inbox for the 10% OFF referral coupon code.
      • Apply the 10% OFF coupon code to a purchase on

What are the benefits to referring customers?

  • By sending or sharing your unique referral URL, the referred customer will receive 10% OFF their first purchase, as an incentive to join.
  • For every fulfilled referral you will receive a 1,000 Pup Points bonus.

Where can I find my unique URL to share and refer others?

When logged in to your account, you can find our simple referral steps in two places.

Is there a limit to the number of referral bonuses that I can earn?

No. The more you share your unique referral URL, the more you can possibly earn!

Are there restrictions on who I can refer to Ray Allen Manufacturing?

You may refer anyone that is not currently a Ray Allen Manufacturing customer.

How do I know if a referred friend fulfills the requirements of the referral?

Once a referral is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification that the referral bonus has been added to your K9 Guild account.

Are there any additional terms and conditions to the K9 Guild?

  • Read our Terms & Conditions for more details.
  • Ray Allen Manufacturing reserves the right to discontinue the K9 Guild at any time.

Other questions regarding the K9 Guild?

Please contact us, with questions regarding your K9 Guild account, K9 Guild points balance, Pup Point refunds, Rewards, or the K9 Guild rewards program.

What if I have an issue with my account?

Checkout some more common issues below. Can't find your answer? You can open a chat, give us a call at 1-800-444-0404, or send a message.

Can I use my K9 Guild points to redeem, or apply my reward when placing a phone order?

Unfortunately, no. The K9 Guild is a benefit to customers that engage with us online and place orders through our website,

I redeemed a reward, my points are gone, now what?

  • By redeeming a reward, you have unlocked a unique coupon code.
    • The unique coupon code is emailed to you (check your junk and spam folders).
    • Any unused redeemed rewards can be viewed within the K9 Guild widget, under “Your Rewards”.
  • You must “apply” the coupon code to your cart.
    • If the reward is for a product, you must add the product to your cart, before completing the checkout process.

Why is the discount amount less than X% of my subtotal?

Some products are restricted from discounts and / or promotions.

What happens if I make a return? Or cancel my order?

K9 Guild points that were earned as the result of an order, may or may not be removed from your points balance.

What happens if I used my reward code, but then returned products or cancelled my order?

Unique coupon codes generated from redeemed rewards are voided after being applied to an order.

Note: At the discretion of Ray Allen Manufacturing, your K9 Guild points may or may not be refunded to your account.

Why am I missing K9 Guild points?

  • Keep in mind product returns / refunds, reward redemptions, and unique events / competitions are all activities that may reduce your K9 Guild points balance.
  • If for any reason you believe your points balance is not accurate please contact us, open the chat widget, or email us at We are happy to investigate and correct any mistake!