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Dog Bite Development

Why our bite development equipment?

When beginning K9 bite training with a new puppy, nothing is as important as the gear you choose. Ray Allen Manufacturing offers five stages of puppy bite training equipment, with a final adult stage that makes transitioning to full bite sleeves safe and easy.

Puppy (2-5 months) | Stage 1 (5-8 months) | Stage 2 (8-12 months) | Stage 3 (12-18 months) | Adult (18+ months)

Featured Bite Development Equipment

$214.99 - $219.99

Train your K9s for real-world scenarios with our Real Sleeve Rubber Arm. This bite development piece looks just like a human forearm, ensuring your dog is prepared to take down a suspect.

  • Molded from an actual arm
  • Adaptable to a wide range of experience levels
  • Velcro straps in three locations are designed to attach to a bare arm, sleeve or gauntlet