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Dog Muzzles

Why our muzzles?

Dog muzzles are designed to keep both your working dog and others safer. Our muzzles come in a variety of materials, serve multiple functions for K9, tactical and working dogs, hunting dogs, and both during and after training sessions. Our dog muzzles offer the durability, safety, and protection you need from a muzzle designed to prevent unintended biting.

Need help deciding what kind of muzzle is right for your K9? Learn everything you need to know in Ray Allen’s Dog Muzzle Buyer’s Guide.

Featured Muzzle


The Original RAM Black Leather Agitation Muzzle is the most copied dog muzzle on the market due to durability and design.

  • Perfect for police K9 and military working dogs
  • Well-fitting, comfortable tactical dog muzzle
  • Solid construction, handmade here in Colorado
  • Reinforced to maintain shape under agitation
  • Perfect fit with seven sizing options
  • 4 different colors
  • Replacement head strap buckles are available