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Professional K9 Handler Blog

  1. Video - RAM-Tech Biothane Leashes

    If you and your dog are out in extreme conditions, be it hunting, tracking, or any kind of outdoor work, our RAM-Tech Biothane Leashes are the way to go. More durable than leather, they hold up to humidity and heat, immersion into swampy or muddy areas, and being dragged through brush and rough terrain without tearing, cracking, or losing integrity.

    There are many benefits to using a biothane leash. Dogs that gravitate to using traditional leather or nylon leashes as a chew toy or get mouthy with their leash will be deterred, as biothane does not give off that appealing scent of cowhide, and the material is virtually indestructible.

    In fact, these leashes are scent-free. If you

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  2. Video - Leather Leashes 101

    What should you look for when choosing a quality leather dog leash?

    We get asked this question a lot, and we’ve made a video to show our customers the distinctive aspects of our leather leashes.

    The craftsmen at Ray Allen Manufacturing carefully consider four factors when developing our line of leashes, and these factors have consistently added to the functionality and durability of our products that dog handlers and trainers have sworn by since 1948.

    (Watch a tutorial on the quality of our leather leashes on our Youtube channel here.)

    (Shop our entire selection of leather dog leashes he

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  3. Video - 1-Inch Nylon Cobra Buckle Dog Collar

    Ray Allen’s Cobra Buckle Collar is a simple yet sophisticated piece of equipment. Rivaling our Martingale Nylon Collar for the best everyday wear collar, this 1-inch collar is straightforward, easy-on, easy-off, and a great value.

    (See Cobra Buckle Collar demonstration on our Youtube channel here.)

    The nylon webbing that makes up the collar is durable and reinforced. It’s sewn from 2-layer tubular webbing with a high load rate that can take the day in, day out use from a working dog. These collars tend to endure a diffe

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  4. Video - Martingale Nylon Dog Collar

    Ray Allen Manufacturing’s Martingale Nylon Collar is arguably our best daily-wear collar. Simple and adjustable, the Martingale is a quick way to gain control over your dog for walks, trips to the backyard, in and out of the vet’s office, or anywhere you don’t feel like fumbling with a buckle or chain. (See Martingale Nylon Collar demonstration on our Youtube channel here.)

    A Martingale is also known as a no-slip collar. Because of their design, Martingales prevent a dog from backing out of the collar, and the collar cannot accidentally slide off over your dog's head during play or heavy pulling. M

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  5. Video - Nomad Harness Skid Plate Body- Interchangeable Dog Harness System

    Much like the skid plate on the bottom of a vehicle, our Nomad Harness Skid Plate accessory clips securely onto the underside of our Nomad Harness System, and acts as a barrier to debris and other objects that may cause injury to your dog’s chest and belly while he is moving through hazardous terrain.

    Thorns, foxtails, and other brush can cause cuts and discomfort as your dog is tracking or hunting through deep forest, and branches and jagged sticks can cause serious or even fatal puncture wounds if accidental impact is severe. In urban areas, barbed wire, construction materials, or concrete

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  6. Video - Nomad Harness Woobie Jacket- Interchangeable Dog Harness System

    The 'woobie' jacket (also known as a ‘poncho liner’), comes from a long line of weatherproof, military-issued muslin, canvas, or quilted nylon ponchos that could be used as a makeshift shelter, sleeping bag, or other protection from the elements for soldiers in harsher deployments.

    Nomad Harness System Video

    The woobie’s versatility and popularity has launched it into the civilian world, where it is popular with hunters and avid campers. Now, your K9 can come up north with you in Ray Allen’s Nomad Harness Woobie Jacket. (See Nomad Harness Woobie Jacket demonstration on our Youtube channel here.)

    Our woobie is an

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  7. Video - Nomad Harness Swiss Seat - Interchangeable Dog Harness System

    Ray Allen’s Swiss Seat- also referred to as a rappel seat- is a securely crafted harness meant for various types of rigging activities, prepping your K9 for zip-lining, hoisting, fast-roping, or deployment from helicopters or planes.

    Nomad Harness System Video

    The Swiss Seat can serve as an emergency rappelling harness, and its rapid attach features have the benefit of allowing you to clip the straps to your dog’s harness in seconds. Use the Swiss Seat for four-legged emergency first responders, search-and-rescue dogs in remote locations, mountaineering, or military duty. (See Swiss Seat demonstration on our Youtube channel here.)

    Our Swiss Seat is a Nomad Harness accessory; it func

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  8. Video - Nomad Harness Frame - Interchangeable Harness System

    Ray Allen Manufacturing is excited to present to you our patented Nomad harness - our complete interchangeable harness system.

    Nomad Harness System Video

    This harness has been heavily field tested and designed to accommodate a tracking piece, patrol piece, ballistic piece, and a Swiss seat, providing for military K9s, police units, and working dogs. Use with body capes or as a standalone functioning harness. (See Nomad harness demonstration on our Youtube channel here.)

    The Nomad has three handles along the back, two horizontal handles for lifting your K9 and one middle ‘suitcase’ handle for control; grab these molle hand

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  9. Video - How to Choose a Heavy Leather Dog Collar

    Which leather dog collar should you choose for your K9?

    Ray Allen How To Choose a Leather Collar Video

    Here is a breakdown of each type of Ray Allen-made leather collar:

    Heavy Leather Collars

    Our 1 ¼ and 2-inch Heavy Leather Collars are truly the standard for a classic leather dog collar. Ray Allen has been manufacturing these leather collars as a staple for police and military working dogs for over 70 years.

    Features: They are strong, double-layered, and made from latigo leather, crafted right here in the U.S.A. They feature a built-in handle with felt padding on the inside, adding comfort for both K9 and handler.

    Specs: The leather is rich and stiff, with the wide strip and rigidity helping

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  10. New Video - Latigo and Mil-Spec Leather Collars

    Ray Allen products have been a staple for military and working dog handlers for over 70 years because of our dedication to consistency and quality. We have been manufacturing our products and sourcing our materials right here in the U.S. since our founding, and our Latigo and Mil-Spec leather collars are no exception.

    Ray Allen Heavy Duty Leather Collars Video

    These double-layered leather collars are crafted from Northern cowhide. The grain from this resilient stock makes for a tighter, thicker, heavier, leather, and therefore a more durable collar. We’ve been sourcing

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