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The Truth About French Bulldogs

The Truth About French Bulldogs

May 17th 2024

Welcome back to another episode of The Jaded Dog Trainer, coming to you from the road. Today, let's dive into the world of French Bulldogs. This breed presents a real quandary for me. Originally bred for a purpose that now seems lost, French Bulldogs have evolved into what some might call a 'fart goblin' that often requires medical help just to give birth.

While they are undeniably cute, with their snoring and pig-like tendencies, it makes you wonder what the original breeders would think of their creation today. These dogs were meant to perform cool jobs, but now, they've become something entirely different. It’s hard not to imagine the founders of the breed rolling in their graves as they witness the current state of their once-functional dogs.

Despite their charm and personality (much like Babe the pig had in the movies), we need to question the ethical implications of how this breed has been transformed by modern breeding practices. It's essential to consider the well being of these dogs, who were once bred to be robust and capable.

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