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Nylon Leashes

Why our nylon leashes?

Nylon dog leashes and leads are important to K9 trainers and handlers because of nylon’s many desirable qualities. Nylon makes an excellent material for dog leashes and leads because it’s durable, pliable, lightweight, and easily washable. Long-lasting and reliable, our nylon leashes and leads are designed to be used in all types of weather, and are great for extreme field conditions.

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Featured Nylon Dog Leash


Ray Allen Tactical Bungee Leash with Frog Clip is a hardcore dog leash built for hardcore dogs. Its unique design allows K9 handlers to have better control over their dogs while keeping K9s safe and comfortable.

  • Frog clip provides automatic cable clamping and a quick release
  • Bungee design acts as a shock absorber when a K9 lunges forward
  • Dogs won't accidentally choke themselves if they pull on their leash
  • Unique swivel design is perfect for no-hassle dog training
  • Attach it to your Ray Allen K9 Handler Trainer’s Belt for hands-free usage
  • Solid construction, handmade here in Colorado