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Nomad I.H.S.

Nomad Interchangeable Harness System™

The Nomad I.H.S.™ (Interchangeable Harness System™) is an innovative modular tactical dog harness that offers a variety of functionality through a single versatile unit. Created exclusively by Ray Allen Manufacturing, this harness is part of a patent-pending modular product line designed to provide K9 professionals with a cost-effective alternative to owning multiple single-use dog harnesses.

Easily convert your Nomad into a dog rappelling harness with our Nomad Swiss Seat™ . Fight frigid temperatures with the Nomad Woobie Jacket™, or safely cover terrain with the Nomad Skid Plate Body™. See our full list of modular Nomad I.H.S.™ components below. Also compatible with all other dog harness accessories, like our G-Hook Backpacks and General Purpose Pouches.

Learn more about the Nomad I.H.S.™ tactical K9 harness in our Ultimate Harness Guide and guide to The Top 10 Dog Harnesses for 2023.

Featured Nomad I.H.S. Harness™


Feature packed and modular design to adapt to any environment or activity. This is one of the most versatile and robust harnesses we carry. Use it as a standalone harness or customize it with any other piece in our Nomad I.H.S.™ line!

  • 3 handles, 2 V-rings, 4 metal cobra buckles
  • 3 g-hook loops per side, last cut MOLLE, Velcro
  • Lightweight design with mesh keeps working dogs cool
  • Harness frame is fully adjustable to grow with your dog
  • Compatible with all harness accessories & I.H.S.™ components