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Ray Allen Donations

In 2013, Ray Allen decided to focus charitable efforts on a handful of causes that we felt were impactful to our customers and partners. The groups were selected because of their national and/or international reach, their ability to educate a large audience, their contribution to the K9 industry, and impact on society as a whole. With all the support that we've had over the years, we are happy to support causes and organizations that benefit working dogs and the K9 community.



National USPCA and USPCA Foundation : Ray Allen has a long history of support for the National USPCA (United States Police Canine Association). We have included the history of USPCA directly from their website.

The United States Police Canine Association became the largest and oldest active organization of its kind-"Ever Striving for the Betterment of all Police K-9" - in August, 1971 when two existing Associations, the Police K-9 Association and the United States K-9 Association, merged.

The original Florida Police K-9 Association, formed in 1964, was later changed to the Police K-9 Association in order to include other interested departments outside the section of the country established by the United Police K-9 Association.

It didn't take too long before the members of these two fine organizations realized that strength was in unity and that their basic goals and objectives were the same. So the present Association was formed. Membership is spreading throughout the United States, Canada, and with the Armed Forces, throughout the world.

The Association meets twice a year. Once, in summer, where new ideas and training methods are discussed, and then at the National Police Dog Trials. These dog trials bring together the best trained dogs in the world and are judged by Police judges. Great strides in the standardization of training methods have been made through these dog trials.

Objectives and Purposes of the USPCA:

  • To unite in a common cause all law enforcement agencies utilizing the services of the canine as an aid in the prevention and detection of crime.
  • To promote friendship and brotherhood between all those interested in the training and utilization of the canine in police work.
  • To endeavor to establish a minimum working standard, and improve the abilities of the canine in police work, thereby rendering better service to the community.
  • To establish and maintain a legal assistance fund for acts resulting in civil suits from the use of police trained canines.
  • To coordinate the exchange of any advanced techniques of training of the utilization of police dogs.
  • To improve the image of the working police dog to the populace in general through improved public service in the prevention and detection of crime.
  • To aid and assist those law enforcement agencies making application for information concerning the establishment of canine sections within their respective departments.

Ray Allen supports the National USPCA in various ways including printing and publication of the USPCA Rule Book, Sponsorship of the National Police Dog Trials, Mr. Patrick Cahill Memorial Award, and various other collaborations.


Sheep Dog: Ray Allen has recently begun the relationship with Sheep Dog. We first heard of the group from one of our vendors Propper and after speaking with John Pope we were moved by the Sheep Dog story and John himself. We feel Sheep Dog offers a service for those in time of dire need and with the use of civilian and K9 forces can make change for many Americans in an overwhelming time of need.

Please take the opportunity to learn more about the Sheep Dog Story with this information directly from their web site:

Sheep Dog's Mission

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance has a three-part mission: 1) to provide assistance to our community’s “sheepdogs”, or protectors, in times of unexpected hardship, 2) to provide relief to those hit by disaster, and 3) to provide information on survival and disaster preparedness.

1) Assisting Sheepdogs in Need

Sometimes society’s helpers need help themselves. An injury sustained in the line of duty, a family hardship, an unexpected financial crisis, needs due to deployments, whatever the unique case may be… the Sheep Dog Assistance mission is to help the “sheepdogs” of our communities when they need it most.

2) Disaster Relief

As became evident during September 11th, 2001, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, our federal & local governments and relief organizations are not always equipped or prepared for such unexpected and widespread devastation. Sheep Dog’s aim is to bypass the slow-moving bureaucracy and red tape of larger organizations. Instead, its strength lies in small, localized, independent chapters made up of those already trained and ready to help: your community’s current and former military, emergency and law enforcement personnel.

3) Survival Tips & Disaster Preparedness Information

Too many people lack a basic understanding of how to survive in a disaster situation. Our website was created to provide information on Sheep Dog and how people can support us, but just as important is the need to share and provide basic and detailed information on Survival and Disaster Preparedness. In an attempt to further assist people in preparing for survival and disaster situations, we will soon add supplies and educational materials to the Gear section of our website.

To provide a civilian framework through which trained emergency and military personnel extend their service to society; to assist our neighbors in times of disaster and our own in times of hardship; to respond independently, efficiently and strategically, achieving the greatest impact possible.

"I've always considered myself a survival thinker: hope for the best but always plan for the worst; don't expect others to be there ready to pick you up when the going gets tough… take care of yourself and your family… and make your own ‘luck’.

Hurricane Katrina changed my way of thinking in regards to helping others — understanding that you can’t always prepare for the worst, because the worst can be far beyond anything you could have prepared for or expected.

Sometimes people do deserve more from others, assistance, even if it’s just enough to help get them through the night, or through a few days of unexpected hardship. Most people do not want or expect to be coddled. They just want a chance to catch their breath, and a helping hand that enables them to stand on their own two feet. My hope for Sheep Dog is that we will be there for people when they least expect it, and when they need it most."

- Founder/President, 1st Sgt Lance Nutt (USMC), on the founding of Sheep Dog

Ray Allen offers support to Sheep Dog in the form of direct monetary donations on a revenue share basis and with various equipment needs.