Approved Ray Allen K9 Product Installers and Troubleshooting Support

Approved Installers

Ray Allen Manufacturing is proud to say we estimate we have more than 1,000 K9 inserts on the street with Police, Military and other enforcement agencies. In addition we have over 4,000 heat alert systems protecting professional K9’s from heat exposure and protecting officials with the door deployment system. Installers are an important part of this division within our business, as proper installation could mean the difference between life and serious injury or even death.

We require our installers to have $1 million dollars in liability insurance and offer installation and troubleshooting support to ensure your dog and officer are protected with our products. If your department or agency installs a unit themselves we offer installation and troubleshooting assistance. However, Ray Allen Manufacturing cannot support or certify someone outside of our network performing installation or maintenance on our units – this would void any warranties.

Please review our list of approved installers by state.

Alabama -

Alaska - accepting applications

Arizona -

Arkansas -

California -

Colorado -

Connecticut -

Delaware -

Florida -

Georgia -

Hawaii - accepting applications

Idaho -

Illinois -

Indiana -

Iowa -

Kansas -

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Kentucky - accepting applications

Louisiana -

Maine - accepting applications

Maryland -

Massachusetts -

Michigan -

Minnesota -

Mississippi - accepting applications

Missouri -

Montana - 

Nebraska -

Nevada -

New Hampshire - accepting applications

New Jersey -

New Mexico -

New York -

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North Carolina -

North Dakota -

Ohio -

Oklahoma -

Oregon -

Pennsylvania -

Rhode Island - accepting applications

South Carolina -

South Dakota - accepting applications

Tennessee -

Texas -

Utah -

Vermont - accepting applications

Virginia -

Washington -

West Virginia -

Wisconsin -

Wyoming -

Canada -