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Dog Bite Suits

Why our bite suits?

Ray Allen K9 training bite suits are the choice of K9 professionals doing dog bite training. Our dog decoy suits or bodysuits are designed for trainers, police, military and have been tested and proven for safety and reliability. See our Dog Bite Suit Buyers Guide for comparisons between our top bite suits.

Featured Bite Suit

$999.99 - $1,949.99

We spent months with bite training professionals and decoys to develop the Semi-Comp Bite Suit. It's preferred by bite training experts due to its slimmer fit that offers total protection and better mobility.

  • No bulky padding that may deter K9s from getting a confident bite
  • Easy on/off design for bite decoys
  • Easily folds up to fit in our Bite Suit & Gear Bag
  • Tailored arms and legs for a perfect fit