Nomad Patrol Combo Harness™

Ray Allen Manufacturing


NOMAD Harness - the most versatile working dog harness system on the market!
Patent-pending | Heavily field-tested

The I.H.S (interchangeable harness system- patent pending) allows you to use one base dog frame patrol harness for all your needs.


You can rock just the frame, put a patrol body on with Velcro for placards and patches.

Product Features
  • Two horizontal handles for lifting your K9 and one middle ‘suitcase’ handle for control

  • Two D-Rings for running leads, lift straps, tracking lines, etc.

  • Four quick-release, 500lb. load-rated Metal Cobra Buckles

  • Capes and harnesses come in various colors; coyote, ranger green, etc.

  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes (large is made for larger breed working dogs like German Shepherds)

  • All harnesses feature the same leash hook up points, same layout so no learning curve for the dog and handler. Same with ballistic or inserting from a helo.

    See the NOMAD Hanress Frame in action


how to measure your dogs girth

Chest: 16”-22”
Girth: 25”-30”
Ribs: 24”-29”
Chest: 19”-24”
Girth: 28”-32”
Ribs: 27”-31”
Chest: 21”-26”
Girth: 30”-36”
Ribs: 29”-35”

The Nomad Interchangeable Harness System™