Nomad Ballistic Body™ - Top Only | Tactical K9 Harness - Ray Allen Manufacturing

Nomad Ballistic Body™ - Top Only

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$699.99 - $799.99

Ballistic Carrier | Tactical K9 harness with ballistics | All-in-one frame

Benefits for handler:
  • Ballistic body slips right onto Nomad fra
  • me; same leash hook ups with the V-rings in the same spot for efficient and quick deployment
  • Build and customize your Nomad everyday harness frame
  • Great for tactical dog work in correctional facilities, police and military units
Benefits for dog:
  • Lightweight, your dog can retain top speed, full range of motion
  • Breathable material
  • Full top protection coverage
Product features:
  • Available in NIJ compliant Level 2A and Level 3A performance; optional stab panel
  • Fits most German Shepherds, Mals, Labs

Top Ballistic Body attachment for the Ray Allen Manufacturing Nomad Harness; Complete Ballistic Body Set also available.

The Ballistic Body can add mass to the harness, if your dog is between sizes we recommend getting our Harness Extensions.

Note: The "Complete Set" accessory is only compatible with Nomad Harness sizes Medium and Large.

Made to order by hand in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.


The Nomad Interchangeable Harness System™

Black, Coyote, Gray, Ranger Green
Made in USA