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Nomad Ski Patrol Harness™

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Skid Plate & Full Coverage Cape | GT Cobra Buckles | Search & Rescue Versatility

Our innovative Nomad Ski Patrol Harness is here with unique features designed for on mountain hazards. We combined our ever-popular Nomad Harness™ Frame With GT Cobra Buckles and additional modular components including a full coverage cape in ski patrol red and matching Nomad Skid Plate.

Constructed for working dogs out on long days in rugged terrain, battling freezing temperatures. 

Compatible with all Interchangeable Harness System components like the Nomad Swiss Seat™ which allows for safe rapelling with your dog. Also works with our other dog harness accessories, like our G-Hook Backpacks and General Purpose Pouches.

Product Features
  • Interchangeable Harness System
  • Includes Nomad Skid Plate and full coverage nylon cape
  • Exclusive ski patrol red color
  • 3 handles (2 horizontal handles and 1 vertical “suitcase” handle)
  • 3 G-hook tab loops per side for easy attachment of any G-hook pouches, bags, or accessories
  • Laser cut MOLLE (PALS system) with loop Velcro
  • 2 V-rings on the top for running leads, lift straps, and tracking lines
  • 4 Austri Alpin metal cobra buckles (2 on each side with a load test of 2,500lbs each)
  • Hook and loop Velcro along the sides to attach patches and ID panels
  • Y chest frame
  • Made with Mil-Spec webbing
Benefits For Handlers 
  • Vibrant red color makes it easy to identify dogs in white-out conditions
  • Modular design; easily remove the nylon body or skid plate, or add other Nomad components and accessories
  • Increased control with 3 well-placed handles
  • Lift, lower, or load your canine with confidence
  • Strapping, V-rings, and handles are all sewn on for extra stability while lifting and deploying your dog
  • No-hassle design allows handlers to hit the fields in a hurry
  • Velcro straps for easy adjustments on the fly
  • Attach any of our dog harness patches to the velcro along top
Benefits For Dogs
  • Full nylon body provides extra warmth in cold weather
  • Fully-adjustable, giving your working dog full-range of motion
  • Nomad Skid Plate prevents puncture wounds and resists abrasions to the dog’s chest and belly while moving through hazardous terrain
The Nomad Interchangeable Harness System™
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GT Cobra Buckle, Buckle, V-Ring
G-Hooks, MOLLE, Velcro, Handle
Made in USA