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Nomad Swiss Seat™

Ray Allen Manufacturing


Secure | Mil-Spec| Tactical Dog Rappelling Harness

NOMAD Swiss Seat is an independent attachment for the tactical NOMAD dog harness system, securely-crafted and meant for various types of rigging activities. Great for correctional, police and military teams.

Product features:
  • Helps to keep your dog’s back legs contained so the dog cannot slip out the back of the device
  • Seat is entirely adjustable, accommodating larger or heavier working dogs
Benefits for handler:
  • Unclips easily for quick deployment
  • Securely prepare your K9 for zip-lining, hoisting, fast-roping, or deployment from military helicopters or planes
Product Specs:
  • Made of up of 1” nylon and 3 Austri Alpine Cobra FM buckles- lightweight, smaller buckles are rated at 800lbs. Each.
  • Simply slides and clips on the back “V” ring on the NOMAD, then slide the 2 straps between dog's legs on both sides of the tail, under and around and clip it back into itself.

The Nomad Interchangeable Harness System™

Black, Coyote, Gray, Ranger Green
GT Cobra Buckle
Made in USA