Nomad I.H.S. Swiss Seat™ - K9 Rappel Accessory | Interchangeable Harness System - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Nomad I.H.S. Swiss Seat™ - K9 Rappel Accessory | Interchangeable Harness System

Nomad I.H.S. Swiss Seat™ - K9 Rappel Accessory | Interchangeable Harness System

Jun 2nd 2020

Ray Allen’s Nomad Swiss Seat™ - also referred to as a rappel seat - is a securely crafted harness meant for various types of rigging activities, prepping your police or military K9 for zip-lining, hoisting, fast-roping, or deployment from helicopters or planes.

The Swiss Seat can serve as an emergency rappelling harness, and its rapid attach features have the benefit of allowing you to clip the straps to your dog’s harness in seconds. Use the Swiss Seat for four-legged emergency first responders, search-and-rescue dogs in remote locations, mountaineering, or military duty.
(See Swiss Seat demonstration on our Youtube channel here.)

Our Swiss Seat is a Nomad Harness accessory; it functions only with the Ray Allen-patented Interchangeable Nomad Harness System. But you can work or play with peace of mind knowing the Nomad Harness acts as an additional failsafe as your dog’s weight shifts within the Seat.

The Swiss Seat primarily helps to keep your dog’s back legs contained so the dog cannot slip out the back of the device. Most harnesses on the market do a great job of containing the front end of the dog, but in higher stress tasks like rappelling that require more movement (and often more excitement from the dog) the Swiss Seat is the way to go.

Built as a set of webbing straps with FM Cobra Buckles load-rated at 800 lbs., the seat is incredibly streamlined. The straps attach through the D-Ring at the back of the Nomad Harness and buckle securely, wrapping around the dog’s back leg and clipping back onto itself. If the harness slips, the webbing remains snug, providing excellent support whilst also allowing your dog a full range of motion. The harness easily unclips for quick deployment.
(See attaching at 1:00)

All attachment points are reinforced, and the Seat is entirely adjustable, accommodating larger or heavier working dogs.

The handle on the Nomad Harness is wide enough for a handler to grab it securely even with thick, gloved hands for climbing. Our harnesses can be equipped with multipurpose or med pouches to tote your gear.
Available in colors black, coyote, gray, and ranger green.


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