Nomad Bottom Bucket™ | K9 Rappelling Comfort | SAR K9 & MWD

Nomad Bottom Bucket™

Ray Allen Manufacturing


K9 Rappelling | Reduces Strain & Pressure | Added Comfort

The Nomad Bottom Bucket™ was designed as an add-on to your working dog's Nomad Harness. Specifically intended for search and rescue (SAR), SWAT, and military working dog teams who are continuously lifting, carrying, or rappelling a K9 partner. In essence, the Nomad Bottom Bucket™ creates a larger surface area across your dog’s belly and provides additional padding, which together helps to redistribute and expel the pressure and irritation created by harness straps during lift-load-carry procedures. With the added comfort of the Nomad Bottom Bucket™, your working dog will thank you next time they find themselves fast-roping, abseiling, rappelling, ascending, being lifted, carried, or hoisted into or out of rough terrain.

The hook and loop VELCRO® makes it easy to integrate with your Nomad Harness, in less than a few minutes. Watch our video to see how simple it is to slide the buckle straps through the guides and fasten the Nomad Bottom Bucket to your Nomad Harness. You'll find that when properly fastened in place, the Bottom Bucket is secure and does exactly what it's intended to do!

Note: The Nomad Bottom Bucket™ does not provide any load bearing support.

Please keep in mind, this is not a stand-alone product, and was designed as an accessory to the Nomad I.H.S. product line. It is compatible with any of the Nomad Harnesses (see below). 

This Nomad Harness accessary is the latest addition to our revolutionary Interchangeable Harness System™.

  • Designed for SAR (search and rescue), MWD (military working dog), and SWAT teams
  • Made of T13 Mil-Spec nylon for added strength and durability
  • Creates a comfortable padded surface area (8" x 8.5") across the K9 belly
    • Redistributes pressure points caused by the Nomad Harness straps, during lift-load-carry operations
  • Proudly made in USA
  • Easily swap in and out in just a few minutes
  • Small enough (8" x 8.5") to store in your tac vest, pouch, carrier pack, or rucksack
  • Comfort for your K9, giving you confidence and peace of mind
  • No need to check your dog's belly every time you rappel or carry your K9 partner
  • Padded frame for belly comfort and added control, during lift-load-carry exercises
  • Redistributes pressure and strain typically caused by harness straps
    • Evenly distributed across the belly
The Nomad Interchangeable Harness System™

Our Nylon Products Warranty: Our nylon is crafted from some of the best webbing available as well as the buckles, VELCRO® and hardware. We guarantee the materials and craftsmanship of our nylon products for 2 years under normal conditions. If your Ray Allen Manufacturing nylon product is defective or breaks down due to normal wear and tear we will repair or replace it. Normal wear and tear does not cover dog chewing, straight cuts, or any other activity that is deemed outside the scope of designed use. This will be deemed by us at our sole discretion upon inspection.

Our nylon product lines include the brands Ray Allen Manufacturing, Signature K9 and J&J Dog Supplies.

Our Belief: Ray Allen Manufacturing has for decades offered finely crafted products for the Professional K9 market. Our belief in our craftsmanship and quality of materials allows us to offer some of the best warranties in the industry. Due to the diverse nature of our product line we have categorized our warranty information. You can find warranty information for our other products here.

Extra Information: Our warranty only covers products purchased directly from Ray Allen Manufacturing and our subsidiaries, Signature K9 and J&J Dog Supplies. Items purchased from authorized dealers or other sources will not be covered by Ray Allen Manufacturing directly, instead the item must be returned to the source of the purchase.

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Made in USA