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Elevate Your Scent Training with Getxent Tubes

Elevate Your Scent Training with Getxent Tubes

May 9th 2024

At Ray Allen Manufacturing, we’re committed to bringing you the best tools for working dogs and handlers. That’s why we’re excited to showcase a game-changing scent training product, Getxent Tubes from Getxent. Ben Rader from Rader K9 recently joined us to give a rundown on these innovative scent training tubes, and we’re impressed by what we heard.

Ben started testing the Getxent Tubes at his training facility in 2019, and though initially skeptical, the results convinced him of their effectiveness. Traditional scent aids like cotton balls capture only about 40% of the actual scent, but Getxent Tubes manage to replicate about 95%. This level of accuracy provides a more realistic training scenario, crucial for developing a dog’s scent detection skills.

These tubes are neatly packaged in a functional glass jar, ready for scent infusion. A handy device called the Getxent RASCO works with a Dyson vacuum to quickly infuse the tubes with scent. If you don't have a Dyson, there’s an alternative method involving SciK9 TADD Jars, in glass or plastic, and their TADD Connector. This method is more budget-friendly and gets the job done in about two weeks.

Ben’s expertise in dog training and his enthusiasm for effective training tools like the Getxent Tubes highlight their potential to transform how scent detection training is conducted. Ben also offers a range of specialized dog gear under his brand Rader K9, and you can connect with him on Facebook and Instagram @RaderK9.

If you’re looking to step up your training game, the Getxent Tubes and Getxent RASCO are available right here at Ray Allen Manufacturing. They’re a fantastic addition to any trainer’s toolkit, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of scent detection training.

At Ray Allen Manufacturing, we take pride in partnering with innovators like Getxent and SciK9 as well as seasoned professionals like Ben Rader to provide you with reliable, effective training solutions. Our goal is to offer products that not only meet the rigorous demands of training but also help you achieve better training outcomes.