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Setting Up Dog Scent Detection Kits

Setting Up Dog Scent Detection Kits

May 29th 2024

Scent training can seem challenging, but setting up working dog scent detection kits is a breeze with the proper equipment and maintenance. We’re excited to share some valuable tips from Ben Rader of Rader K9 on how to set up and maintain your dog scent kits, ensuring effective and efficient K9 training.

Why Proper Storage Matters

Proper storage is crucial for extending the lifespan and maintaining the effectiveness of scent training products like the  Getxent and SciK9 systems. Ben Rader emphasizes the importance of using the right storage methods to keep the scents potent and reliable.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up A Canine Scent Detection Kit

1. Choose the Right Storage Containers

Regular test tubes are recommended for storing Getxent tubes. Placing two Getxent tubes in each test tube significantly minimizes off-gassing, ensuring that the scent remains potent for longer periods.

2. Organize with Precision

Storing scent tubes in a Pelican case with foam inserts and test tube holders provides excellent protection. This setup keeps the glass tubes safe from damage and prevents them from absorbing external odors. Ensuring that the lids are tightly sealed further maintains the integrity of the scents.

3. Handling with Care

To minimize contamination, avoid using hands when handling the scent tubes. Using tweezers helps ensure that the scent picture remains pure and undisturbed, which is crucial for effective dog scent detection training.

Professional Sourcing and Safety

When dealing with dangerous substances like fentanyl, TATP, and HMTD, it’s important to source these scents from professionals. Products from local agencies are reliable and safe, allowing trainers to focus on effective K9 training without compromising safety.

Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Scent Tubes

Ben Rader has had great success with the longevity of scent tubes. Tubes stored since late 2019 were recently tested, and the dogs could still detect the scents effectively. This highlights the effectiveness of proper storage methods in preserving the potency of the scents over time.

Practical Benefits for Various Scenarios

Using scent tubes allows for safe and legal transport of training aids, especially for non-law enforcement individuals. This is particularly important for trainers working with the Department of Corrections, where actual drugs cannot be used.

Ben Rader’s insights provide a comprehensive guide to setting up and maintaining dog scent detection kits. Following these tips ensures that training aids remain effective and safe, enhancing the training experience for both trainers and K9s.

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