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The Jaded Dog Trainer Talks Malidoodles

The Jaded Dog Trainer Talks Malidoodles

May 2nd 2024

Welcome back to another episode of the Jaded Dog Trainer! I recently heard about a new genetic phenomenon called the Malidoodle, a crossbreed between the Belgian Malinois and a Poodle. While crossbreeding isn't new, the concept of this mix left me utterly baffled.

Malidoodle Madness: What Were They Thinking?!

Genetically, crossbreeding often aims to get the best traits of two breeds, but sometimes you end up with the worst of both worlds. The idea of combining a Malinois' high energy and working drive with a Poodle's laid-back nature is, quite frankly, nightmare fuel. It’s the kind of combination that could make your head spin and question the sanity of whoever thought of it.

I don't know about you, but I'd like to meet this person and learn everything I shouldn't do from them. Crossbreeding can be beneficial, like in the case of the Dutch Shepherd, which has a diverse genetic background. However, the Malidoodle leaves you wondering: what's this dog's purpose? One moment it's hunting truffles, the next it's chasing criminals.

Poodles, with their playful, sometimes water-loving personalities, don't seem like a natural fit for the intense Malinois. The idea of a "doodly" Malinois just feels like pure chaos. Whoever is breeding these dogs should rethink their choices, and the rest of us should take notes on what not to do.

Thanks for joining me on this episode of the Jaded Dog Trainer. If you have a hardworking dog, not a Malidoodle, check out Ray Allen for the best working dog gear. If you have a pet, stick to pet stores. But for serious working dogs, Ray Allen is where you need to be.