Real Sleeve Rubber Arms

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$169.99 - $179.99

The Real Sleeve is here and EXCLUSIVELY for Ray Allen! This rubber arm offers the most realistic look and feel simulation for K9 training. Molded from an actual arm the Real Sleeve is approximately 18.5” long with approximately 3” plastic handle on the end. Velcro straps in three locations are designed to attach to a bare arm, sleeve or gauntlet. This item is designed for Professional K9 handlers! Item is considered a consumable training aid and is not indestructible. Real Sleeve is designed to simulate actual look and feel of a human arm to aid in the training of professional dogs utilized in security, police and military actions – Ray Allen Manufacturing will not be responsible for any intentional or unintentional harm that may come to a decoy for K9 trainer. Use this product with caution.