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Real Sleeve Rubber Arms

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$214.99 - $219.99
SKU: SA100-P
A Ray Allen Exclusive | Molded to function like a real human arm

This rubber arm offers the most realistic look and feel simulation for K9 training.

Benefits for handler:
  • Molded from an actual arm for accuracy
  • Designed for Professional K9 handlers
Benefits for dog:
  • Real Sleeve is designed to simulate actual look and feel of a human arm to aid in the training of professional dogs utilized in security, police and military actions
  • Adaptable to a wide range of experience levels- train for life
Product Features:
  • Approximately 18.5” long with approximately 3” plastic handle on the end
  • Velcro straps in three locations are designed to attach to a bare arm, sleeve or gauntlet
  • Item is considered a consumable training aid and is not indestructible

Ray Allen Manufacturing will not be responsible for any intentional or unintentional harm that may come to a decoy for K9 trainer. Use this product with caution.

Rubber, Plastic, Nylon