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Leg Sleeve

Ray Allen Manufacturing

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Beginner decoys can train with ease | True-to-life feel for dog

Teach you K9 to work the whole decoy. For police or military bitework training.

Benefits For Handler:
  • Lighter construction for more flexibility
  • Sits lower on the leg than the RSLS- train for different bite selection
  • Handle at the top of the sleeve to create tug action
  • Easy on and off
Benefits Dor Dog:
  • Better, closer bite feeling
  • Leg bitework teaches dog alternatives for better suspect compliance
Product Features:
  • Velcro rear-release
  • Made in the USA
Product Options:
  • Original Leg Sleeve
  • Leg Sleeve with Velcro tug attachment
    • Single Handle Bite Suit Tug included (3"x16")