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Advanced Sleeve

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$60.99 - $149.99
SKU: 33C-P
Perfect Training Aid | Excellent control

Low-profile Puppy Sleeve. An intermediate training sleeve.

Benefits for handler:
  • Right or left arm available, or ambidextrous- can be used cross-departmentally
  • Makes for great targeting
  • This model is very popular with our military customers
Benefits for dog:
  • Teaches dog to bite more confidently
  • Designed to be easy on the dog and the decoy
  • The sleeve gives a medium to hard bite for the dog
Product Features:
  • The lower portion is user replaceable when needed
  • Jute material

Replacement Upper: NSN 84150-1122-0680
Replacement Lower: NSN 84150-1122-0682

Bite Sleeve Comparison Chart

Sleeve Intermediate Advanced Replaceable
Hardness Grip
Versatility Price
Jute Intermediate Sleeve Yes Yes No Yes SOFT 5 5 $149.99
Advanced Sleeve Stage 3 Yes Yes No Yes MEDIUM 4 4 $149.99
Ultra Intermediate Sleeve Yes Yes Yes No MEDIUM 5 4 $139.99
Ultra Advanced Sleeve No Yes Yes No HARD 5 4 $159.99
Ultra Light Training Sleeve No Yes Yes No HARDEST 3 3 $164.99
All-Around Sleeve Yes Yes Yes No MEDIUM 5 5 $179.99
Ambidextrous Bite Bar No Yes Yes No MEDIUM 5 5 $199.99
Compression Bite Bar Yes Yes Yes No SOFT 5 5 $149.99
Trial Sleeve No Yes Yes No HARD 4 3 $149.99
Manitou Sleeve No Yes Yes No HARD 3 2 $199.99
Made in USA