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Trial Sleeve & Trial Sleeve Light

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$189.99 - $209.99
SKU: RA9601-P

K9 Bite Training Gear | Builds Bite Drive | Protects Decoys 

Elevate your military and police K9 bite training with the Trial Sleeve and Trial Sleeve Light from Ray Allen Manufacturing. Both of these bite sleeves are ideal for green K9s as well as more advanced working dogs. The Trial Sleeve features a short crumple zone in the front that helps lessen bite impact while still having a firm bite bar, allowing for testing and hard K9 bite training. Our Trial Sleeve Light provides the same look and feel as the Trial Sleeve, but it offers a more collapsible barrel, encouraging a powerful bite due to easier compression. 

For total protection, consider purchasing one of our famous Ray Allen dog bite suits!

  • Replaceable cover  
  • Rugged construction for years of use
Benefits For Handlers and Decoys 
  • One bite sleeve can be used for a variety of police and military K9s 
  • Adjustable strap to fit different sized arms 
Benefits For Dogs
  • Increases K9’s bite force and drive while boosting confidence 
  • K9s get excited to train when they see the bite sleeve come out

Note: To prevent unnecessary harm to decoy or damage to your hard sleeve, a Ray Allen Sleeve Cuff is required on all hard sleeves.

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Made in USA