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Ray Allen Flirt Pole w/ Suede Lure - Puppy Bite Drive Development

Ray Allen Flirt Pole w/ Suede Lure - Puppy Bite Drive Development

Mar 23rd 2022

Professional K9 trainers know that bite training for military or police dogs ideally starts when dogs are still young puppies. But the pros also know that they can’t start training their puppies with the same gear they use as full-grown working dogs. That’s why we carry our line of puppy bite development equipment!

If you’re working on building your puppy’s bite drive, you need the Flirt Pole w/ Suede Lure from Ray Allen Manufacturing.

An Essential Piece Of Puppy Training Gear

We’ve covered a few of the main pieces of gear required for building a puppy’s bite drive before, but we can’t overstate the importance of our Flirt Pole. It consists of two of our top-selling products: the Suede Leather Puppy Rag and the Lexan Whip, and is integral for training puppies eight weeks to four months old.

The Lexan Whip is made of sturdy nylon that lasts many years longer than a traditional willow whip. But just because it’s durable doesn’t mean it’s not flexible. Our whip is designed to move freely through the air, acting almost like a fishing rod.

But instead of a fishing lure at the end of the rod, you’ve got a high-quality leather rag!

The rag is the perfect material to build your puppy’s bite drive during the early stages of development without causing any harm. It’s not rough, unlike other leather products, so it won’t hurt a puppy’s mouth when they’re teething.

Dog trainers can also take the rag off the pole and use it as a standalone item for puppy bite training. Fold it over and hold it in your hands to really let your puppy sink his or her teeth into the rag.

After a few months of use with this piece in your bite development arsenal, you’ll have a puppy on his or her way to becoming a full-blown man-eater. After a while, K9 trainers and their decoys are going to need Ray Allen bite sleeves and bite suits for total protection against dog bites!

Although our Flirt Pole is primarily designed to build a K9’s bite drive, it’s also useful in other types of dog training. Because it builds a puppy’s desire to follow a moving object, dog trainers often use it for lure coursing or Schutzhund training.

However you choose to use the Flirt Pole, we’re sure you and your growing working dog will love it.

Fun Training For Everyone

K9 bite training gear obviously needs to be effective in teaching working dogs how to stop a bad guy in his tracks. But the training itself should be enjoyable for a puppy who’s just starting to learn the trade.

That’s another reason dedicated K9 trainers love this bite development gear.

When used properly, puppies have a ton of fun training because chasing and biting down on the rag is like a game. Even after months of training, your puppy is sure to get excited when you take the Flirt Pole out of your Bite Suit & Gear Bag.

And better yet, our Flirt Pole is easy for K9 trainers to use. Unlike some other types of training, the Flirt Pole requires very little motion on the trainer’s part. We really mean it when we say training with our Flirt Pole is like spending a day fishing on the lake!

Why Ray Allen?

From bite training equipment to muzzles, harnesses, leashes, chew toys, wellness supplies, and more, Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing handmade products for K9 handlers, bite decoys, and their dogs for over 70 years.

We’re proud to be the go-to, most trusted brand for police officers, military units, working dog programs, and K9 handlers and trainers worldwide.

If you’re searching for the highest quality military-grade products, look no further than Ray Allen.