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Flirt Pole w/ Suede Lure

Ray Allen Manufacturing

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Lure Coursing & Schutzhund Training | Bite Development Tool | Nearly Unbreakable Baton

The Ray Allen Flirt Pole w/ Suede Lure (formally Whip with Rag) is a combination of two long-time favorite bite training tools: our Suede Leather Puppy Rag and our sturdy Lexan Whip. For police and military K9s, this can help develop your dog's ability to bite at a moving target. For competition work, the Flirt Pole w/ Suede Lure helps entice your dog to chase a lure for better performance in lure-coursing or Schutzhund. Aside from training, the flirt pole can also be used as a dog toy for after-work playtime.

  • The baton is made of ½” nylon webbing and is 48” long
  • The attached 4 oz. leather rag is 24” x 7”  
Benefits For Handlers
  • Easy to use and gets your K9 puppy excited to work
  • Durable construction means you won’t have to worry about replacement 
Benefits For Dogs
  • Increases puppy's bite drive as they grow
  • Builds focus on the chase and reaction to a moving lure
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Leather, Nylon
Made in USA