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Starting ‘Em Young: Puppy Bite Development Gear

Starting ‘Em Young: Puppy Bite Development Gear

Jan 16th 2021

When beginning canine bite training with a new puppy, nothing is as important as the gear you choose. Ray Allen Manufacturing offers four stages of puppy bite training equipment, with a final stage that makes transitioning to full bite sleeves safe and easy.

Stage 1: The Puppy Rag

The Puppy Rag is the perfect piece of equipment to begin bite training inexperienced puppies. It’s made out of a soft and simple leather, with holes punched in at both ends for leashes. When attaching a leash to one of the holes, it’s important to make sure you aren’t using the buckle. This could harm the dog or their teeth. Instead, push the leash handle through one of the holes and then slide the rest of the leash through the handle. This allows for a softer and safer attachment.

Stage 2: The Puppy Bite Pillow

The Puppy Bite Pillow is the next step in bite training for young canines. Available with either a Syntek or jute covering, these soft pillows allow the dog to build up their grip strength. It features three handles, two on either side of the pillow and one on the top, that allow the trainer better control. The Puppy Bite Pillow also has a leash clip. Any leashes should be attached using the same method as with the Puppy Rag for the dog’s safety.

Stage 3: The Bite Wedge

A favorite among police and personal protection trainers, the Bite Wedge encourages strong bite and drive development. Behind the wedge are two inset handles that not only allow the trainer solid grip placement, but also give this device numerous training uses. The handles can also be used to attach a leash (again, it is important to loop the leash through the handle, as outlined above). This allows the Bite Wedge to also be used as a prey drive toy or a flirt toy. Finally, the handles allow the wedge to be used as a sleeve. Simply slide your arm between the wedge and handles, and you’re ready to begin early bite sleeve training.

Stage 4: Puppy Bite Builder Double Handle

The Puppy Bite Builder - Double Handle is a necessary next step in equipment for advanced Police and Schutzhund training. It features a harder bite bar, making it a great transitional training piece. This also means that the trainer should also be more experienced. The covers are interchangeable and are secured to the Bite Builder with a belt. This allows for years of use with even the most aggressive dogs. The wedge allows the trainer to target specific body points by holding it either in front of your chest, forearms or biceps. Like the Bite Wedge, it can also double as a first-time bite sleeve when passed through the forearm.

Final Stage: The Puppy ½ Sleeve

The Puppy ½ Sleeve is perfect for your canine’s grip development, and allows you to train them from initial bite sleeve training and beyond. It features the thickest wedge out of any of the other stages, allowing your dog to further their grip development. A handle in the crook of the sleeve allows the trainer to maintain control of the sleeve during aggressive training. As above, a leash can be attached using the same methods, allowing the sleeve to separate from the trainer for additional training techniques. The Puppy ½ Sleeve is also available in right or left arm options.

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