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1/2 Sleeve

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: 9605-P
Perfect training aid | Incredibly versatile

This young dog jute training sleeve has all the advantages of the 30C sleeve without the shoulder protection allowing you to reward your dog quickly.

Benefits for handler:
  • It can be worn on the arm or can be used with two hands
  • With the only bite area available right down the center of you, it makes for good targeting
Benefits for dog:
  • Teaches dog to bite more confidently
  • Rope able to be tied to the handle to help set a dog's grip
  • Front section is deep and firm but collapsible, making a crumple zone with shock absorber effect, protecting young dogs on impact
  • Relatively thick wedge requiring the dog to open wide for a good firm bite
Product Features:
  • Available for left and right arm
  • Jute material
Black, Biege
Made in USA