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Leather Hidden Sleeve

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: 61-500-P
Strongest decoy protection | Use with “hard” biters

This sleeve was designed for the trainer or decoy that occasionally encounters a very hard biting dog.

Benefits for handler:
  • Extreme puncture resistance for decoy safety
  • The elbow is engineered to give full 90° motion and exceptional flexibility
  • Adding only 1/4" to the total diameter, this sleeve cuff saves your sleeve and provides an easier biting surface for your dog
  • Flexible arm movement
Benefits for dog:
  • Amazing “feel”- We recommend this sleeve be used with our 61-5001 Syntek™ Cuff to provide a solid bite surface for the K9
  • Dogs can really get into the bite
Product Features:
  • Made from heavy welders-split steer hide
  • Lined with both foam and Cordura® nylon
  • USPCA Legal

Hidden Sleeve Comparison Chart

Sleeve Concealability Intermediate Advanced Replaceable
Hardness Versatility Price
Nylon Sleeve 3 No Yes No 3 3 $114.99
Classic Syntek 4  Yes  Yes No $129.99 
Purple Velcro Hidden Sleeve 3 No No No 2 4 $129.99
Syntek LoPro Sleeve 3 No Yes No 3 3 $134.99
Trial Sleeve 4 Yes Yes No 3 4 $144.99
Soft Padded Syntek 4 No Yes No 3 3 $149.99
Original Jute 3 No Yes No 4 4 $154.99
Syntek Hidden Sleeve 3 Yes Yes Yes 3 4 $189.99

Leather Sleeve

4 No Yes No 4 4 $199.99


Black, Gray
Leather, Cordura, Syntek, Nylon
Made in USA