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Berry Compliant Hidden Sleeve

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: AKRA15 UPC: 810018603014
Ambidextrous use with completely flexible movement | Use to train beginner or younger dogs

This sleeve allows full range of motion for decoy and ample bite opportunity for beginning dogs.

Benefits for handler:
  • Ambidextrous- switch between arms for all day training or use cross-departmentally
  • Provides both protection and flexible arm movement
  • Secure fit
  • Easy on and off- completely slip-on design
Benefits for dog:
  • Better, closer bite feeling; decoy’s flexibility encourages higher drive
  • Designed for young adult to adult dogs
Product Features:
  • Velcro tightening
  • Soft-layered padding is made of Berry Compliant materials- everything made and manufactured in the USA
Berry Compliant, Syntek
Made in USA