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Berry Compliant Tugs

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$23.99 - $59.99

K9 Training Reward | Durable | Made In The USA

Berry Compliant Tug Toys from Ray Allen are made from the same Berry Compliant material used in our bite suits. Great to use for a reward or casual play with your dog.  Colors may vary.

  • Ultra Mini Tug 12 inches x 2.5 inches diameter, two handles
  • Mini Tug 16 inches Long x 4 inches diameter, two handles
  • Pup Tug 33 inches long x 4 inches diameter, two handles
  • Pup Tug w/Squeaker 12.5 inches long x 3 inches diameter, one handle

The Berry Amendment requires the Department of Defense (DOD) to give preference in procurement to domestically produced, manufactured, or home-grown products, most notably food, clothing, fabrics and specialty metals. Specifications for purchased items will vary depending on the Defense Federal Acquistion Regulation Supplement (DFARS) requirements.

Berry Compliant products made by Ray Allen Manufacturing are certified to be made in America and sourced from 100% American materials. Even if you are not a military K9 handler, your purchase of Berry Compliant items will continue your support of Made in the USA products and workers.

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Made in USA