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Berry Compliant Belgian Arm Sleeve

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: AK9602C UPC: 810018602994
Bite Training Sleeve | Flexible Construction | Ideal for Growing Dogs

Similar to our Advanced Belgian Arm Sleeve, the Berry Compliant version is a heavier padded bite sleeve for young developing pups. Perfect for forearms, biceps, and triceps bites, this bite sleeve protects your decoy while developing your K9's bite drive and grip during bite training. And, as you can assume by the name, this product is made of our Berry Compliant bite suit material, so you get the full American made feel and take pride in it. 

  • Comfortable fit for decoys
  • Handmade in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Made of the same Berry Compliant material as our Lite Training Bite Suit
Benefits for Handlers
  • Soft and durable
  • Easy on; easy off
  • Heavily padded for more protection
Benefits for Dogs
  • Great for developing pups and intermediate dogs
  • Safe for growing dogs' teeth
  • Ample bite surface
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Berry Compliant, Syntek
Made in USA