Primal Canine Calf Gauntlet | K9 Bite Protective Gear | Decoy Protection

Primal Canine Decoy Calf Gauntlet

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: PC-LEG-C UPC: 810046320969

Calf Armor | K9 Bite Protective Gear | Decoy Protection

In 2018, Mike Jones from Primal Canine helped us produce the RS24 Semi Comp Suit - a lighter dog bite suit design. We soon found that when working multiple dogs and taking bites continuously throughout the day, the decoy could still feel the bite and took damage to the suit. Mike asked if Ray Allen could make a bicep gauntlet that could be put on with one hand, fully protect, and not add any additional bulk. The Primal Canine Decoy Armor Gauntlets were born.

Fast forward, and our continued work with Mike Jones/Primal Canine has led to many more products that benefit the trainer, handler, and decoy. Our most recent addition to the collaboration is the Primal Canine Calf Guantlet and the Primal Canine Thigh Gauntlet. Designed and developed to protect the decoy while producing quality grips and drive, the calf and thigh gauntlets allow the decoy to take more bites and work more dogs without taking unnecessary physical damage. For both the decoy and the K9, these gauntlets are a win-win for your bite work training.

Note: These gauntlets are made to be used under a bite suit or bite equipment. These are not made to be used by themselves.

Benefits to K9
  • Crafted from two layers of apron leather for a deeper drive, better grip
  • Allows dogs a great feel on their bite without fully sinking their teeth in
  • Preserves dental health
Benefits to Decoy
  • Elastic inner closure for one-handed application
  • Maintains a tight and snug wrap around the calf
  • Easy to use VELCRO® attachment points
  • Full set of gauntlets create “decoy armor”
Available Gauntlet Types
Hidden Sleeve Comparison Chart

I - Intermediate
A - Advanced

Sleeve Level Hardness Versatility Conceal Replace
Neoprene Gauntlet   2 2 5  
Decoy Gauntlet Bicep/Forearm   2 4 5  
Decoy Gauntlet Calf   2 4 5  
Decoy Gauntlet Thigh   2 4 5  
Low Profile Hidden Sleeve A 3 3 3  
Nylon Hidden Sleeve A 3 3 3  
Classic Syntek I, A 4 4 4  
Purple VELCRO® Hidden Sleeve   2 4 3  
Syntek LoPro Sleeve A 3 3 3  
Berry Compliant Hidden Sleeve   3 3 3  
Syntek Hidden Trial Sleeve I, A 3 4 4  
Soft Padded Syntek A 3 3 4  
Syntek VELCRO® Closure A 2 2 3 Cover
Original Jute A 4 4 3  
Syntek Hidden Sleeve I, A 3 4 3 Cover
Leather Sleeve A 4 4 4  
Made in USA