Incog Primal Sweatshirt™ | Incognito Training Aid | K9 Training Sweatshirt

Incog Primal Sweatshirt™

Ray Allen Manufacturing


K9 Training Hoodie | Incognito Training Aid | Modern Trainer Streetwear

Introducing the Incog Primal Sweatshirt™, a next-level K9 training crew sweatshirt with a front and back trainer's pocket. Featuring stylish black MultiCam Cordura outside the pockets with heavy pack cloth inside the pockets for easy cleaning.

Any working dog trainer knows that equipment fixation or food motivation can be detrimental to a dog’s training progress and a barrier to you creating a partnership. Only having a dog react when a reward is present is counterproductive, and hyper fixation diverts his energy and attention, wasting valuable training time.

This is modern streetwear for the modern trainer that wants to be incognito with their training. This sweatshirt looks great if you are going out to eat, a stroll around town or training all day. The Incog Primal Sweatshirt™ is the next level to transitioning your dog from the training building to the street.

Product Features:
  • Front and back trainer's pockets
  • Pocket exteriors are crafted from tear-resistant Cordura in black MultiCam
  • Pocket interiors made with heavy pack cloth for easy cleaning
Benefits for handler:
  • Curb equipment fixation or food motivation in your dog and create a stronger partnership
  • Hands-free, incognito way to train and keep your dog focused
  • Washable and quick to wipe down
Benefits for dog:
  • Dog stays focused on the trainer, not the treat or reward
  • Eliminates lingering smell of treats, prevents greasy residue or crumbs so dog reacts appropriately
Black Camo, Black
Made in USA