Incog Treat Pocket Dog Training Aid - Ray Allen Manufacturing

Incog Pocket Treat Pouch™

Ray Allen Manufacturing

Fits in Your Pocket | Washable | Durable

Keep treats hidden so your dog focuses on you. The Incog Pocket Treat Pouch is a covert dog treat holder that fits into a pocket or uniform.

Benefits for handler:
  • Curb equipment fixation or food motivation in your dog and create a partnership
  • Easily clips inside a jacket or BDU pocket
  • Keep your hands free to clicker train, direct your dog, or use as a "proofing" tool
  • Eliminates the bulk of a waist-clip pouch or fanny pack - handlers can enjoy a wider range-of-motion for working their canine
Benefits for dog:
  • Covert design keeps your dog focused on the handler, not the treats for better obedience and less distraction
  • Easy-open so dogs receive a reward the instant of desired behavior
Product Features:
  • Crafted from tear-resistant Cordura and heavy pack cloth
  • Washable inner cloth lining to keep clothes free of crumbs and grease
  • Plastic inserts to keep pocket propped open
  • Clips in place to maintain pouch in the perfect position

Black, Blue, Coyote, Red, Ranger Green
Made in USA