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Leather Gauntlet

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$32.99 - $36.99
SKU: 61-800-P
K9 Bite Training Gear | Thick Leather Construction | Low Profile Fit

Ray Allen’s original Leather Gauntlet is designed to give decoys an added layer of protection during K9 bite training sessions. Wear this gauntlet under an existing bite sleeve to reduce the risk of bruising your decoy's arm and preventing them from never wanting to train your vicious K9 again. 

Benefits For Handlers:
  • Laces up the inside to fit any sized arm
  • Lasts longer than jute fabric
  • Provides maximum decoy protection
Benefits For Dogs:
  • Encourages a stronger bite
  • Provides a satisfying feel
  • High engagement cuff
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Note: This gauntlet is not designed to be used indenpendently without another layer of bite protection.

Made in USA