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Syntek Hidden Sleeve

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$159.99 - $169.99
Let dogs “feel” the bite | USPCA-legal sleeve

The Ray Allen Syntek Hidden sleeve is a well-crafted covert bite training sleeve.

Benefits for handler:
  • Updated with our Syntek™ fabric to give the sleeve more durability
  • Built-in leather gauntlet, in the lower area of the sleeve, provides extra protection against hard biters
  • Flexible arm movement
Benefits for dog:
  • Syntek™ fabric is used throughout providing a soft realistic bite surface
  • Dogs can really “feel” the bite
Product Features:
  • Laces run up the inside of the arm, well outside of the bite area
  • USPCA trial legal, meets size requirements


  • Medium: 21.5 inches long X 5 inches wide
  • Large: 23 inches long X 6.5 inches wide
  • X-Large: 25.5 inches long X 7.5 inches wide

Hidden Sleeve Comparison Chart

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Black, Gray
Syntek, Leather