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Soft Padded Syntek Hidden Sleeve

Ray Allen Manufacturing

Quickly improve bite | Excellent for trial

The Ray Allen Soft Padded Syntek™ sleeves were designed specifically for young dogs transitioning from a soft sleeve to a hidden sleeve.

Benefits for handler:
  • Updated with our Syntek™ fabric to give the sleeve more durability
  • Ambidextrous- switch between arms or use cross-departmentally
  • Slip-on style
  • Soft padding allows very flexible arm movement
Benefits for dog:
  • Soft and flexible, providing a motivating surface to the young dog
  • Material gives sleeve a soft, realistic bite surface
  • Sleeve can be easily "slipped" to reward the K9 in training
Product Features:
  • No laces are used in construction, which boasts Syntek™ material as its outer shell
  • You must use a gauntlet under this sleeve when training advanced dogs
  • Color may vary

Hidden Sleeve Comparison Chart

Sleeve Concealability Intermediate Advanced Replaceable
Hardness Versatility Price
Nylon Sleeve 3 No Yes No 3 3 $114.99
Classic Syntek 4  Yes  Yes No $129.99 
Purple Velcro Hidden Sleeve 3 No No No 2 4 $129.99
Syntek LoPro Sleeve 3 No Yes No 3 3 $134.99
Trial Sleeve 4 Yes Yes No 3 4 $144.99
Soft Padded Syntek 4 No Yes No 3 3 $149.99
Original Jute 3 No Yes No 4 4 $154.99
Syntek Hidden Sleeve 3 Yes Yes Yes 3 4 $189.99

Leather Sleeve

4 No Yes No 4 4 $199.99


Made in USA