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Syntek Trial Sleeve Cuff

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: 64S-P

Bite Trial Training | Bite Sleeve Cover | Durable Syntek

The Syntek Trial Sleeve Cuff is designed to be used on the RA9601 Light Trial Sleeve.

Benefits for handler
  • Gives you the most bites per dollar
  • Typically outlasts jute cuffs 5 to 1
  • Now also available with a handle for increased control of the sleeve
Benefits for dog
  • K9 will experience an uncomfortable or unbalanced bite if he is off his mark, not completely between the plastic panels, encouraging more accuracy the next time
  • Made with same fabric as our Training Suits- train consistently
Product Features
  • Made from our proprietary Syntek™ material
  • Specifically designed for the smaller sized RA9601 Trial Sleeve
  • Colors may vary
Syntek, Jute, Plastic
Made in USA