K9 Spotlight: Damon Van Bogart and Karma - Ray Allen Manufacturing
K9 Spotlight: Damon Van Bogart and Karma

K9 Spotlight: Damon Van Bogart and Karma

May 28th 2021

Ray Allen Manufacturing - K9 Spotlight Winner: @damonvanbogart

Damon Van Bogart & Karma

K9 Handler // Dual Purpose K9

"I'm currently partnered with my second K9, Karma. We've been together since 2015. Previous to Karma, I had another K9 partner, Roky. Roky and I began service together in 2008. He was retired just before I was paired with Karma 6 years ago. Both canines were trained for dual purpose work (detection and patrol). 

Karma and I work with the Iowa Prison system. Specifically, we perform our duties at the Anamosa State Penitentiary. The job is not for the faint of heart, to say the least, as we recently had 2 staff members murdered within the confines of the prison. Karma and I responded to the emergency and one of the suspects immediately surrendered to K9 Karma. As tough as it can be at times, watching Karma successfully subdue a perp, is beautiful and satisfying work.

Along with our patrol work at the prison we are members of the USPCA, where (between both my dogs), we’ve won 6 national trophies in detection work (narcotics). Among them, we have 2 individual event 1st places, and a 3rd place overall. Lucky for me, both have been elite K9 partners during the time we shared. And, as I always wanted to pursue a career in the K9 field, I couldn't be more proud of my partners and career choice. I am blessed and fortunate to have been involved with it for the better half of my career.

But, as with every good thing, this too will soon come to an end. The plan is to retire together, next year, baring any unforeseen changes."

Their Gear: "Rex specsmutt muffs. Protecting the valuable eyes and ears of my partner during range training."

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