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K9 Spotlight: Worthless Handler - The Story Behind The Name

K9 Spotlight: Worthless Handler - The Story Behind The Name

Sep 8th 2021

Worthless Handler CEO "WH" has always known his calling in life: defending the innocent from evil. This is an ideology that he has worn on his sleeve not only in his personal life but in his career as well. From a Cav Scout in the military (with two deployments in Iraq), to a street cop responding to dangerous high stress calls, WH has seen it all.

However nothing has brought him as much fulfillment as working with and training his K9 partner(s). Today he has turned that passion into a company that helps other K9 trainers and  working dog handlers.

An Outlet for Frustrations

After leaving the military in 2012, WH went into law enforcement and was quickly introduced to K9 work by his training officer. WH gained early experience by performing  decoy work and laying tracks during training scenarios. He knew then that he wanted to work with dogs, and after five years on patrol he tested and was selected for his precinct’s K9 unit.

It wasn’t long before WH began noticing that there were shared frustrations in the law enforcement community regarding proper K9 handling and training. These frustrations stayed in the back of WH’s mind, and he began thinking of ways to alleviate some of the issues he and others in law enforcement were experiencing. On April 18th, 2018 Worthless Handler was born from this idea.

Originally started as a unique clothing company in response to the same old bland K9 shirt designs, WH soon realized that there was greater value in using Worthless Handler as a coping mechanism and resource center for  K9 handlers who were facing the same obstacles in their administrations.

What’s in a Name: A Company for the Underdogs

It’s no secret to WH that the name Worthless Handler might confuse or even insult some people in the dog training community, but the name’s significant meaning is twofold. One reason for the unconventional name is that when it comes down to it, the handler is the worthless end of the leash, with the dog putting in most of the work, as a  weapon, a detector, and defense.

The second meaning behind the name Worthless Handler is actually a nod to the frustrations that WH has been trying to improve on for the past 3 years. WH quickly realized that law enforcement K9 handlers were typically an afterthought to precinct administration. Handlers often deal with budget cuts, limited or defective  K9 equipment and cutbacks on training days.

Each Worthless Handler design that gets created is akin to a badge of honor; a reminder that no matter how overlooked handlers are, they’re dedicated to the job.

Dress for Success: Equipment That’s Got Your Back

WH cannot understate the importance of high-quality, dependable equipment in the field. He recently received a new K9 partner named Bolo, who was donated by Canines of Valor. When out on patrol, WH sets Bolo up with Ray Allen’s Icon Harness, as well as the RAM Collar. He also carries several leads for various situations, including long lines and waist leads.

More Than Meets the Eye

Worthless Handler is more than just a clothing brand. WH has built up a dedicated following through social media.  The Worthless Handler Facebook page often features informative content to help other trainers and handlers. From maintaining your K9’s health to videos on proper equipment, there’s always something new and engaging from WH.

His  Instagram page has an even larger following, featuring similar content to the Facebook page. Trainers will often take to the comment section of both platforms to share their stories and ideas. With a good amount of everyday engagement, Worthless Handler has built up a strong community in a relatively short period of time.