K9 Spotlight: Carlos Ramirez of CRK9 Dog Training - Ray Allen Manufacturing
K9 Spotlight: Carlos Ramirez of CRK9 Dog Training

K9 Spotlight: Carlos Ramirez of CRK9 Dog Training

Nov 9th 2022

We love getting the opportunity to sit down with professional dog trainers to get their take on industry insights, learn more about their careers in the field, and find out what they love about Ray Allen dog gear!

In this edition of the K9 Spotlight, we interview Carlos Ramirez, the founder of CRK9 Dog Training. Watch the video to learn more about what got him into K9 training and consider his advice for dog trainers just getting started in the industry.

Plus, he tells us about a few of his favorite pieces of Ray Allen dog bite training equipment and provides insight into our partnership in developing the GTFO Leather Wedge Cover.

You can book his dog training services on his  website, and be sure to follow him on all social media platforms at @carlosramirezk9.

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Why Ray Allen?

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