GTFO Leather Wedge Cover | Bite Development Training | Decoy Protection

GTFO Leather Wedge Cover

Ray Allen Manufacturing


Grassroots K9 Collab | Heavy-Duty Leather | Tri-Glide Buckles

The Grassroots K9 and Ray Allen Manufacturing collaboration is here. And since we like things practical, functional, and centered around purpose, we kept things simple. From their design we removed the frills and excess nylon components, used a thicker leather, and moved the center nylon strap from being sewn on the outside to being sewn onto the inside of the wedge cover. It's built with purpose, for purpose!

The significance of a leather wedge cover is to develop a strong and secure bite for your dog. Afterall, leather is a great bite training material, and equalizer. With a soft bite, or nipping action (typewriter biting), your dog will fail to fully grip and grasp the wedge and you'll easily slip it from their mouth. But, as your dog learns to drive with a deeper bite, they will develop a stronger grip and will be more successful in the discipline of bite work you have chosen. 

We recommend using a bite sleeve, bite pillow, or bite wedge in conjunction with this wedge cover for the intention to agitate, frustrate, and encourage a deep, forceful bite. If your dog is crushing this cover, consider stepping up your bite training by utilizing one on a bite suit.

To use it properly, simply wrap the GTFO Leather Wedge Cover around a bite pillow, bite wedge, bite sleeve or bite suit and secure it tightly by feeding each of the three nylon straps through their respective adjustable tri-glide slide buckles. Double back the nylon through the slide buckles for extra security. You'll notice the outer straps are sewn onto the outside of the cover to keep it tight around the bite equipment you choose to use, whereas the center nylon strap is sewn onto the inside, providing more real estate for the bite keeping the nylon safely away from the dog, whcih may be used to their advantage on the bite.

Tested and proofed by Micheal Nezbeth of Grassroots K9, Carlos Ramirez of CRK9, Mike Jones of Primal Canine, and a handful of others to make sure you will love this product.

Product Features:
  • Thick leather to develop a deep and secure bite
  • Three tri-glide slide buckles for adjsutable sizing and a secure fit
  • Used in conjunction with bite sleeves, bite pillows, bite wedges, and bite suits
  • Practical, purposeful and simple design
Benefits For Dog:
  • Leather is a great natural bite training material
  • Helps develop a stronger grip
  • Large surface area to bite 
Benefits to Decoy:
  • Reduces the wear and tear of bite equipment
  • With interlocking straps secured with tri-glide slide buckles, it's nearly one size fits all
  • Ambidextrous application
Made in USA