K9 Spotlight: Jason Cain and IVY - Ray Allen Manufacturing
K9 Spotlight: Jason Cain and IVY

K9 Spotlight: Jason Cain and IVY

Feb 2nd 2024

K9 Spotlight: Jason Cain and Ivy

Jason Cain & IVY
Dog Handler & Enthusiast // Companion & Protection Dog

"I found IVY from Cyko Dogs out of Kansas, through Instagram, as I was sitting around “2 Weeks to flatten the curve”… Anyway, Anna (the breeder) was great! She sent me photos along the way, leading up to the day I was able to pick up my newly acquired fur missile.

When the time came for me to meet the little monster, it was love at first meeting! IVY turned 3 in November (2023). And, with the exception of going back to Cyko Dog and Refined Dog Training for some bite work development, we haven’t been separated all that much. IVY comes with me everywhere… and I mean everywhere!

She’s well versed in personal, asset, and vehicle protection. Best part, she really likes it! I work early to late hours in a warehouse, in a slightly sketchy area of town… And there’s NEVER any concern. I know she’s got my back! She loves running on the tread, chasing a ball, swimming, riding on the motorcycle/sidecar, and keeping the house safe from those dastardly squirrels! She’s a true friend and companion

I’ve had other dogs in the past, Rotts- Pitts- Dobermans- NOTHING compares to the Malinois! Truly a special breed. She’s something special… and I don’t think she’s an exception."

Their Gear: We love our Ray Allen gear! She has the Icon HarnessE-Lusive 2.0 CollarDogtra E-CollarAKAH Cordura Muzzle, bite sleeves, sleeve covers, etc. We use the Leather Harness during bite work. ALL GREAT PRODUCTS! Top of the line gear, and MOST importantly, the SERVICE. Everyone has been wonderful to work with!

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K9 Spotlight: Jason Cain and IVY     K9 Spotlight: Jason Cain and IVY