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E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$94.99 - $109.99

Ultimate Dog Training Collar | Sleek & Discreet Design | Tactical Collar

The E-Lusive 2.0 ID Collar from Ray Allen Manufacturing eliminates the need for multiple collars on your K9’s neck! Seamlessly hide your e-collar receiver and identify your K9 in style. This tactical dog collar is made of Mil-Spec webbing and features metal hardware for ultimate durability. 

*E-Collar receiver is NOT included; purchase separately.

  • Adjusts to neck sizes from 16-25”
  • Actual collar size width is 1.75" in width (not the smaller part that goes through the e-collar)
  • Most Dogtra e-collars require the 1" width, but the Dogtra 200C, 202C, and 280c and Dogtra IQ models require the 3/4" collar
  • The 3/4" width is made to fit Garmin and most E-Collar Technologies brand e-collars
  • Metal cobra buckle, metal v-ring, and mil-spec webbing
Benefits For Handlers
  • Loop velcro panels for identification, morale, or department patches
  • Available with or without handle for extra control in training
Benefits For Dogs
  • Reduces bulk by eliminating need for an additional collar
  • Desgined to keep your dogs comfortable and looking stylish
  • Fits dogs as big as Bloodhounds and German Shepherds
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Black, Coyote, Gray, Ranger Green
Metal Cobra Buckle, Metal Buckle, V-Ring
Velcro, Handle
Made in USA