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E-Lusive Collars: Receiver Mounting Tutorial

E-Lusive Collars: Receiver Mounting Tutorial

Aug 17th 2023

Our E-Lusive collars have become some of our top-selling products due to their unique features, secure fit, and time-tested durability. However, in order to use our E-Lusive collars properly, knowing the correct way to mount your E-Collar receiver is essential.

Lately, we’ve received a wave of calls and emails from our customers saying that they’re having trouble mounting their E-Collar receivers to their E-Lusive collars. Thankfully, learning how to use our E-Lusive collars is quick and simple.

What Are E-Lusive Collars?

Before we get into how to mount your E-Collar receiver, let’s cover the basics of our E-Lusive Collar line, which we’ve been expanding over the past few years to help meet the dynamic needs of our customers.

You can pair your chosen dog E-Collar receiver with these designs:

  • Bungee Mini E-Lusive™ Collar: Constructed to be ultra-durable, as well as easy to put on and take off, the Bungee Mini E-Lusive™ Collar shines for a myriad of reasons. You can select either a 3/4" length strap or a one-inch strap. The 3/4” strap option is ideal for those who use Garmin E-Collars receivers, and the 1” strap option is compatible with most Dogtra receivers. The collar comes with a bungee cord (for sizing between 14"-28" necks) and a slip lock instead of a tri-bar adjuster.
  • E-Lusive 2.0: Sturdy, easy to put on, and built for maximum E-Collar contact, our 2.0 design delivers the ultimate in comfort and durability. Seamlessly hiding your chosen E-Collar receiver, this design fits neck sizes between 16-25”. The actual collar width is 1.75", with options for the E-Collar attachment in either 3/4” or 1” sizing. Most Dogtra E-Collars require the 1" width, but the Dogtra 280c, Dogtra IQ, and Garmin models require the 3/4" collar. Similarly, most E-Collar Technologies receivers are compatible with the 3/4" option.
  • Mini E-Lusive: The Mini E-Lusive Collar has rapidly become one of our best-selling dog collar models. Easy to put on and take off, this design comes in two width sizes (3/4" and 1”) and fits neck circumferences of 14” to 22”. For those who plan to use the 1" width dog collar, it is specifically made to securely hold Dogtra brand E-Collars (except for the Dogtra 280c and Dogtra IQ models). Alternatively, the 3/4" width collar is specifically tailored for dog handlers who use a Garmin brand E-Collar.

For more information on using a dog E-Collar effectively, check out our comprehensive E-Collar Guide!

Mounting Your E-Collar Receiver

After purchasing your preferred E-Lusive Collar, what’s the best way to mount your E-Collar receiver? In a few simple steps, you can achieve a solid fit, ensuring that your receiver stays in place at all times.

Start by pointing the dog E-Collar prongs toward the collar when you pull out the inner VELCRO®. Next, thread the VELCRO® strap through the E-Collar receiver. The following step is vital, as it makes the difference between a loose fit and one that ensures full contact. Instead of laying the collar flat to line up your receiver while attaching, you should hold the collar, pull the receiver all the way forward, and trace with the outer collar to the inner collar.

Holding the E-Lusive Collar to mount the receiver device delivers a much more secure fit that won’t shift and loosen over time. It will also guarantee that your E-Collar receiver makes the necessary contact with your dog’s neck to be effective.

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