Bungee Mini E-Lusive Collar | K9 Comfort | Covert E-Collar Training

Bungee Mini E-Lusive™ Collar

Ray Allen Manufacturing


Discrete E-Collar Training | K9 Comfort | Increased Breathability

The Bungee Mini E-Lusive Collar was designed to bring together the benefits of our Mini E-Lusive Collar and E-Flex Collar, where comfort meets function and convenience.

Just like the Mini E-Lusive™ Collar, you get 8” of VELCRO® on the outside for ID panels, service patches, etc. along with an inside VELCRO® strap for your corresponding e-collar. The 1” strap option is compatible with Dogtra receivers and the K9-800 series receiver from E-Collar Technologies. We also offer a 3/4” strap option that is compatible with Garmin receivers and most other E-Collar Technologies products.

The most notable difference you'll find on the Bungee Mini E-Lusive Collar is the lack of a tri-bar adjuster, as it was replaced with more than enough bungee cord and a slip lock, allowing you to comfortably fit the collar for your dog. We felt this option was best for sizing and breathability, while remaining functional. Incorporating the bungee component on a flat ID collar provides more K9 comfort during training, as their breathing gets heavier. All of this while the use of the e-collar remains in constant contact with the dog's neck, for a responsive reaction to stimulation. Added comfort, custom fitting, with no loss of control!

E-Collar receiver is NOT included; purchase separately.

Product Features
  • Fits roughly 15"-30" neck size (includes plenty of bungee cord, for custom fitting)
  • 1" side release buckle for extremely easy on and easy off
  • The 1" option used for most Dogtra E-Collars* and K9-800 E-Collar
  • The 3/4" width is made to fit Garmin E-Collars
Benefits For Handlers
  • The receiver from your e-collar quickly slips on and remains in position with the VELCRO® strap
  • Recharge your e-collar receiver without removing it from the collar
  • Covert e-collar training with a flat nylon ID collar
  • Tension of bungee keeps the contact points in constant contact with the dog's neck
  • More than enough bungee cord included - to be sized, knotted, and cut for best fit range
    • We suggest keeping 2"-4" in excess, before making a knot or cut, for adjustability
Benefits For Dogs
  • Added comfort during e-collar training
  • Reduces pressure on the neck, for improved breathability
  • Won’t cause harm, but will keep the e-collar in position
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Made in USA
Black, Coyote, Gray, Ranger Green
VELCRO®, Bungee