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Dogtra iQ Plus E-Collar


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Remote Training | Stimulation E-Collar | Compact Design

The Dogtra iQ Plus E-Collar is one of the smallest, yet most powerful E-Collars for dog training to be introduced in years. This compact stimulation collar-and-remote system was made for advanced dog training methodologies that require highly disciplined and complex responses and reactions from K9 and working dogs. Featuring both nick and constant vibration options, this dog E-Collar offers flexible training options suitable for a wide range of training styles and functions.

This collar is also an excellent choice for dog agility training and dog competition training as well. The Dogtra iQ Plus can be used on dogs as small as 10 lbs, and can be expandable to include a second collar for 2-dog training at once.


The Dogtra iQ Plus E-Collar features:

  • 400-yard range
  • 2-hour rapid charge batteries
  • Fully waterproof collar and receiver
  • Nick/Constant stimulation and pager vibration
  • Expandalbe 2-dog system
  • For dogs as small as 10 lbs

E-Collar Comparison Chart

Collar Range Continuous
Stim Levels
Stim Levels
Intensity Dial
Expandability LCD Display Tone Price
Dogtra 200C 1/2 mile 100 100 Yes No* No No $189.99
Dogtra 280C 1/2 mile 127 127 Yes No* Yes Yes $214.99
Dogtra Combo 1/2 mile 8 8 No No* No Yes $219.99
Dogtra 1900S 3/4 mile 127 127 Yes No* Yes No $239.99
Dogtra Advance 3/4 mile 127 127 Yes No* Yes No $259.99
Dogtra Super X 1 mile 127 127 Yes No* Yes No $319.99
Dogtra IQ 400 yards 100 100 No 2 dogs No No $179.99
Dogtra ARC 3/4 mile 127 127 Yes 2 dogs Yes No $234.99
Dogtra Edge 1 mile 127 127 Yes 4 dogs Yes No $399.99
Dogtra Edge RT 1 mile 8 8 No 3 dogs No No $349.99
Garmin Delta Sport XC 3/4 mile 36 36 No 3 dogs Yes Yes $219.99
Garmin Pro 70 1 mile 6 None No 6 dogs No Yes $299.99
Garmin Pro 550 1 mile 21 21 No 3 dogs No Yes $399.99

* 2-dog units of the Dogtra 1900S, Dogtra Advance, Dogtra Super X and Dogtra 280C Platinum exist as separate models. ALL collars feature a rechargeable battery and are waterproof, except for the Dogtra IQ transmitter which is NOT waterproof.

Note: All Electronic Dog Collars Will Require A Signature Upon Delivery.

Collar Vibration: ONLY offered on the Garmin Pro 70 and Garmin Pro 550. All units have a Level Boost Button except for Garmin Pro 70.
Warranties: Dogtra e-collars feature a limited lifetime warranty. Garmin e-collars feature a 1-year warranty.

Black, Red
Stainless Steel