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Dogtra Titanium Enhanced E-Collar Contacts



K9s With Sensitive Skin | Alternative E-Collar Contact Points | Flexi Finned Design

Enhance your working dog’s training experience with the Dogtra Titanium Enhanced E-Collar Contacts. Offered in both regular (for K9s with 12" - 18" neck) and large (for K9s with neck sizes 17" and above) options, featuring Titanium Flexi Fin contact points.

These contact points feature a comfort pad base with two titanium flexi finned contact points. This design allows stimulation to be more evenly distributed, promoting better contact and reactivity during e-collar training. Additionally, working dogs with sensitive skin may benefit from the Titanium finish over traditional e-collar contact points. The large sized Titanium Enhanced Contacts works with most existing Dogtra units. Check your system’s compatibility on the chart below, before making a purchase.

Product Features:
  • Six titanium contact points
  • Two gold aluminum plates
  • Two titanium wire forms
  • Recommended neck size
    • Regular: 12" - 18"
    • Large: 17” and above 
Benefits For Handlers
  • Better reactivity for K9 during e-collar training
  • Simple to install on most existing Dogtra units
Benefits For Dogs
  • Great for working dogs with sensitive skin
  • Evenly distributed stimulation
Compatible Dogtra Units:

Compatible E-Collar Systems With Dogtra Titanium Enhanced Contact Points

Disclaimer: The Dogtra Pathfinder, Pathfinder Mini and Pathfinder TRX will not be able to accommodate the Titanium Enhanced Contacts.