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Dogtra ARC E-Collar


SKU: DC-ARC UPC: 644622020451

K9 Training Collar | Nick & Stimulation Options | 3/4-Mile Range

Train your working dogs in any conditions with the waterproof Dogtra ARC E-Collar sold by Ray Allen Manufacturing. With a 3/4-mile range, this E-Collar is ideal for long-distance training for all sorts of working dogs. Whether you’re training for search and rescue missions or teaching your gun dog how to retrieve waterfowl, this is the dog collar for you. 

Alternate Titanium Contact Points, for working dogs with sensitive skin:

  • Non-stimulating pager option 
  • Rheostat/volume dial allows for 127 levels of stimulation
  • LCD screen
  • Low to medium output for all breeds
Benefits For Handlers
  • Transmitter features checkered grips to ensure a secure and comfortable hold
  • Handlers can control two dogs with the purchase of our Dogtra ARC Additional Receiver
  • Two-hour rapid recharge battery minimizes downtime between training sessions
Benefits For K9
  • Ergonomically shaped to your dog's neck to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Gentle stimulation doesn't cause harm
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